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Trend setter: 7 groom styles for 2018

Weddings have become an opportunity for the bride and groom to share their personal style as a couple. Nontraditional looks and celebration details are all the rage from diamondless engagement rings and colorful wedding dresses to choreographed dancing.

“Wedding trends no longer spotlight just the bride,” says a spokesperson for SuitMart. “The groom is having just as much fun showcasing his personal taste on the big day.”

Here are seven big wedding trends for groom trends you’ll see coming down the aisle in 2018.

1. Personalized wedding bands

Whether it’s made of a unique material like palladium or silicone or engraved with symbols or words, the wedding band has become a testament to what the groom values. Colored metals and even gems stones are trending for 2018. One thing that won’t fly is a ring that pinches — whatever guys are choosing these days it’s comfort over concept every time.

2. Prints rule

From the runways to the real ways, men’s suits have become playful and print-laden. From fall tartans and light checks to spring florals, the average suit is not so average with all these options available. For grooms who like the print trend, but don’t feel comfortable wearing it head-to-toe, adding a floral bow tie or checkered vest may be just the right personal touch.

3. Fresh fabrics

Grooms are no longer limited to the classic wool with satin piping. Suits and tuxedos have found a fresher feeling with new materials. Crushed velvet, linen and embroidered patterns that create texture have become cutting edge. Just in case a full-body textured suit is a little over the top for you, a classic modern fit tuxedo in black is always in style.

“Textures stand out when the wedding party walks down the aisle, which has made that very popular,” says a spokesperson for Suitmart. “Velvet pocket squares are a great way to add texture to a suited look in a minimal way that will still be noticed.”

4. Now it’s Navy

Navy is the new black in weddings. Dark blue, midnight and any other navy shade is making a splash in the form of groom suits and tuxedos. This trend has been building in recent years, but 2018 there will be a real blue hue takeover.

“Navy has been really big for the past couple of years,” says a spokesperson for Suitmart. “First celebrities were wearing navy and blue suits, but now more men want to do it because blue looks so fantastic on everyone and adds a touch of personality.”

5. Fresh boutonnieres

Brides’ bouquets have become more unique, so have the boutonniere. Instead of the classic rose and baby’s breath, florists are getting creative with greenery. Herbs are going to be a popular choice in 2018. Rosemary, Thyme, Sage and other flavorful plants offer a rustic detail to any ceremony. In addition to their lovely, earthy fragrance, herbs have traditional meanings.1 For example, adding Rosemary to a boutonniere tells the bride her groom is feeling loving and loyal. Add a little Sage to represent the immortality of your union. Feathers, berries and handmade craft items are also becoming popular options. Additionally, the boutonnieres can vary throughout the groomsmen. Classically, these stylish flower arrangements were all the same, now couples are choosing different flowers and leaves for each member of the bridal party.

6. All the adornments

It’s not just about the cufflink when it comes to groom accessories. Tie pins, collar pins, barbells, collar bars and lapel pins are everywhere. Even waistcoat chains are back in a big way. Oftentimes, this can be a wearable gift from the bride or something all the groomsmen wear as a gift from the groom to his best men.

7. Splurge on Socks

A playful wedding trend for grooms is the addition of fancy, colorful socks. This is typically honored by all the groomsmen with matching socks to continue the sock theme of the groom. From flashy phrases to favorite sports teams, there’s nothing more fun than capturing the group with their pant legs pulled up in unison.

At the modern wedding, it’s easy for the groom to explore all the ways he, too, can shine. And with these seven tips, he will be right on trend.

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Wedding attire dress codes made simple

Wedding season is in full swing, which means that delicate, calligraphy invitations have been sent across the nation inviting us to share the happiest day of a friend’s life. What it says on the bottom of the invite dictates what dress or suit you’ll be sporting at this event, but what do those words really mean? From formal to casual, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the breakdown of the wedding dress code:

White Tie

White tie is seldom seen since it is truly the most formal of all dress codes. An example of a white tie event might be a White House, State Dinner. For women, white tie means a formal, floor-length evening gown is expected. For men, it’s a tuxedo with all the formal trimmings: A black jacket with tails, a white vest and tie, a formal white shirt, white gloves and formal black shoes.

Black Tie

This term is a more common highly formal dress code which typically indicates that it will be an evening affair or reception. For women, they can wear a floor-length formal gown or opt for a shorter dress as long as it is a dressy cocktail dress. For men, it’s a tuxedo with some leeway.

“We recommend a black bow tie, vest or cummerbund and black patent leather shoes, says Gary Dante from SuitMart. “But there is some flexibility. During the summer, a white dinner-jacket and black tuxedo pants are a fun alternative.”

Formal or Black Tie Optional

This phrase could be considered black-tie, “light,” which means that both men and women have more options when dressing for this formal affair. Women can wear a formal cocktail dress, a floor-length gown or even dressy separates. For men, a tuxedo is not required but is welcome. Alternatives to a traditional tuxedo can be a formal dark suit and tie.

Also termed “semiformal,” this type of wedding attire involves dressing up but need not be stuffy or overly polished. Women can wear dressy separates or a cocktail dress. Men can wear a suit and tie.

“The best rule of thumb for a dressy-casual affair is to look at the time of the ceremony,” says Gary Dante of SuitMart. “If it’s an evening affair, it’s more appropriate to wear darker colors with a more formal feel. And if it’s a daytime event, you can select lighter fabrics and brighter colors without issue.”

Festive Attire
This type of verbiage wasn’t used on wedding invitations a generation ago, so a lot of people don’t understand its meaning. Basically, a festive wedding means that you can have fun with your look — in fact, it’s applauded. For women, a cocktail dress, party dress, fashion separates and even dressy jumpsuits are a go. Opt for playful accessories and bold colors. For men, a suit and tie are good, but a bright tie is even better. Have fun with suspenders, tie clips or other accessories.


Casual weddings are held in casual locations, so think beach, barn or fun space. The goal of this dress code is to let everyone feel comfortable and laid-back in their threads at this get-together. No formal fabrics here. For women, a sundress is just perfect, but cute, fashion-forward separates work, too.

“Beach weddings have become very popular; therefore, we recommend men wear light weight fabrics such as linen, seersucker or cotton poplin,” says Gary Dante of SuitMart.  “There is no need to wear a tie. Though it’s a great opportunity to add a casual tie in a light fabric and wear it to finish the look.” 

No matter the invite details and dress code options, if you’re concerned about your look for someone’s big day, always ask the bridal party. 

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Don’t miss this 7 summer wedding trends

Summer wedding season is right around the corner, which means fun outdoor events and a multitude of decisions for brides and grooms. Your wedding is the perfect time to express your unique point of view through party decor, attire and even desserts. With so many options, it can be overwhelming, but across the nation, brides and grooms are following these seven trends to create the stylish weddings of their dreams.

1. Bright colors

Pastels will always be a wedding favorite, but right now it’s all about bright colors. Bold is the new black this summer with bright oranges, fuchsia, marigold, pistachio, turquoise and other vibrant hues as wedding theme combos. Limit your choices to two or three different colors to avoid overwhelming, expressing those colors through the menus, linens and flowers, and don’t forget the groomsmen attire. A bright accent color used in a traditional tie, bowtie or even pair of socks can unite the wedding party to the rest of the party decor.

2. Pattern play

Solid colors aren’t the only trend standing out for summer weddings this year. Patterns have come into focus for the bridal parties. For bridesmaids, florals have become popular and unique, fun patterns that amplify the bride’s style. For grooms and groomsmen, checks and pinstripes have become a sleek way to add a more dynamic element to men’s fashion at the event.

“For a groom who isn’t ready to do a full head-to-toe pattern, he can always give a nod to the wedding colors with a vest that gives him that little something extra,” says Gary Dante of SuitMart.

3. Unexpected themes

People are taking their summer wedding themes to a personal space this summer. Did you love a game as a kid? That could be a theme. What about your favorite romantic song? Also a theme. Locations, experiences and honeymoons are all becoming wedding themes. Love country music or the great outdoors? Barn weddings and nature-themed events are a big favorite this season. So, think about your favorite things and build from there.

4. Signature Cocktails

Instead of the standard beer and wine, brides and grooms are taking their receptions to new heights with signature cocktails and exciting beverage options for their guests. The possibilities are endless. Coordinate drinks and your theme. Having a beach wedding? Try serving Lemon Grottos, which combine limoncello, orange liquor and fresh strawberries to create a taste of the islands in a glass. Or go more rustic for your Barn wedding with blueberry lemonade or an updated Arnold Palmer. If bright colors are on display, create fun cocktails topped with color-coordinated cotton candy or serve neon cocktails from the rainbow by adding ingredients like prickly pear juice for bright pink, cucumber juice for bright green and pomegranate juice for shades of red. Cocktails can be served with or without alcohol depending on your guests’ preferences.

5. Light and airy fabrics

Fabric choice is as vital for the groom as it is for the bride. Less restrictive, light-weight fabrics are more comfortable and will help the wedding party enjoy the reception as much as the guests do. Men can opt in or out for jackets, depending on the formality of the occasion and the setting. For warmer weather, consider semi-lined or unlined jackets to keep the groom and his groomsmen cool. Summer-weight fabric such as cotton, chambrays or linen will breathe and help keep the groom calm, cool and collected on his big day – or at least keep him looking that way!

6. Food trucks

Even at formal events, people enjoy their favorite comfort food, especially after a night of festivities. Brides and grooms are bringing in burgers, hot dogs, tacos or dessert trucks to pamper their guests. Even for couples planning a sit-down, three-course meal, they can bring in a food truck later in the evening when the plates are cleared and guests are hungry for a late night snack.

7. Silver and chrome

The metallic choices of years past were rose gold, gold and brass for wedding themes and bridal bling, but this summer is all about silver and chrome in a big way. Centerpieces are incorporating those elements, bridal jewelry is going that route and groom’s accessories are also shining bright with these metals.

“Grooms are loving silver and chrome tie clips, cuff links, watches and metal flower lapel pins in silver and additional colors,” says Dante. “They sparkle and make the grooms look sharp and on-trend.” 

Summer is the perfect season for cool wedding trends. With these seven wedding trends, your wedding will be as hot as the temperatures. 

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Out-of-town wedding: What to pack and wear

If you’re attending an out-of-town wedding, what to wear is likely to be one of your top concerns. For tips on what to pack and how to dress, consider the following wardrobe suggestions.

1. Follow the dress code

Many wedding invitations state the dress code. This gives you clear direction as to what to wear. Black tie means just what it says — suite and tie. Formal generally means that a black tie is optional. Semi-formal, or cocktail attire, usually refers to a suit and tie or sports coat and tie – for instance wearing loafers instead of lace-up dress shoes. You still want to honor the occasion, though, so a jacket is always a good idea.

2. Go for wrinkle resistant

“Your favorite suit may not be an option if it’s prone to wrinkle and become ill-fitting after spending time in a garment bag,” says Gary Dante from SuitMart. “Choose a suit that hangs out well and resists wrinkling.”

3. Take care with your garments

To avoid wrinkles, wrap the suit in a hanging garment bag and avoid folding it. As soon as you reach your destination, take the suit out and hang it. If necessary, do touch-ups steaming with the hotel iron. If possible, do the steaming at least a day before the wedding, in case there is a problem you’d have time to get an alternate suite if necessary.

4. Choose machine washable

If your dress shirt does become wrinkled or soiled prior to the big event, it helps to have a machine washable shirt that can be quickly de-stained and washed rather than requiring dry cleaning. If you’re staying with friends, you can treat the soiled garment with stain remover and give it a quick wash and iron. This is especially important if the ceremony is just hours away. However, today a lot of dress shirt fabrics are stretch, so they resist wrinkles.

5. Opt for dark colors

It’s been said many times, but dark colors are more forgiving when it comes to staining.  Dark brown and black suits are especially good at hiding telltale signs of spills and accidents. Of course, you also need to consider the season when choosing your wardrobe. An all-black black tie tuxedo may not be the best option for a spring wedding, so use your best judgment. 

6. Pack extras 

Of course, you don’t want to overweight your suitcase and have to pay extra to the airlines or risk not fitting things into the car. But a few extra essentials will make your trip a lot easier. While it might be possible to rush to the store if something happens to your tie, it’s not worth the hassle or stress. Bring a backup tie, shirt and undergarments, just in case. If there’s a fashion accident or emergency, you’ll be grateful you did. 

7. Bring a sewing kit

Buttons fall off and seams rip at the most inopportune times. Pack a sewing kit, and you’ll be able to fix just about anything on the fly. Look for a kit that contains spools of thread in a variety of colors. You’ll want the basics, such as navy, black, green, white and red, and then other common colors for clothing, including beige, cream and gray. Other necessities to include in your sewing kit include needles, straight pins, safety pins, small scissors and a measuring tape. 

“Out-of-town weddings offer a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the company of family and friends and celebrate a special occasion,” says Gary Dante from SuitMart. “Impress the bride and groom and family and friends by showing up looking like a fashion statement.”

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The ultimate must-haves: 7 accessories for the groom

For today’s stylish grooms, the right accessories can take a simple tuxedo from classic to Wow! and make the entire bridal party shine. These seven must-have wedding accessories for men will give the groom the polish to stand out.

1. Tie clips

Tie clips are in style in a big way this year, so if the groom has opted for a suit and tie, there’s no better way to bring on the bling than with a little bar holding that tie in place. Depending on your preference and wedding theme, the material and price point for a tie clip can range from earthy wood and copper to high-end gold and platinum.

“Tie clips also serve as perfect groomsmen gifts,” says Gary Dante for SuitMart. “You can have them personalized with names, initials, the date of the wedding or even a special phrase.”

2. Watches

Sure, you can check the time on your phone, but who wants to be looking at their phone at a wedding? A traditional watch is the classic way to bring a sense of style to the groom’s look. And you don’t need a Rolex to make your mark. Oversized watch faces, bright straps or even digital options abound. Each one offers a unique style and can showcase the groom’s personality with function as well as fashion.

3. Pocket squares

Silk, linen, cotton, patterned or plain— have your pick. Pocket squares not only add that extra dash of panache to an outfit, but they are fun to fold in different ways. Each type of fold can give the fabric swatch a different look. The “flat” is a straight-across square look, the “puff” gives it a rounded appearance and the “point” is has sharp-edged folds that peek out from the pocket. Much like fabric origami, there are dozens more intricate designs for folding your pocket square. When it comes to personalizing your look, let your imagination run.

4. Cufflinks

Ever a classic, the cufflink is a necessary element for the elegant groom. With so many different cufflink styles available today, this is a subtle way to let your personality shine. If you’re a bold guy with a lot to say, you can find cufflinks with phrases, cartoon characters or even sports teams (what a fun way to pay homage to your hobbies and interests!). On the other hand, if you’re a groom with a penchant for the luxuries of life, you can go all-out with diamond-crusted cufflinks or sleek, heavy-metal pairs. 

5. Socks

“Men’s socks have become a major on-trend item in recent years,” says Gary Dante for SuitMart. “Bright, bold patterned trendy socks have shown up everywhere from the runways to the aisle.”

Also on trend: Groomsmen’s parties that choose to have all-matching socks. This craze is certain to continue because it’s all about the not-to-be-missed photos of the guys pulling up the hems of their pants in unison. 

6. Cognac-colored shoes

The warm tones of a whiskey or cognac-colored shoe add a soft and regal feeling to a wedding-day look. Always in style, these shoe tones are sophisticated and appear effortless. “For the man who wants to feel very in-style, but doesn’t want to look too over-the-top, having an soft leather shoe of any style in a cognac tone will look fashionable and still relatable,’” says Gary Dante for SuitMart.

7. Seasonal add-ons

Every season comes with additional wedding accessories for men that can take the cake. If you’re getting married in the spring or summer, then sunglasses are in order. In the winter or fall, you can opt for a scarf. These accessories aren’t necessary for the actual wedding ceremony but can add that extra oomph to the pre- or post-wedding photos.

No matter your style or attention to detail, there’s always a little something extra you can add to the standard suit or tuxedo. With these hot accessories, you’re certain to create unforgettable memories with equally unforgettable styles. 

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Wedding planning for grooms made easy

Attention men, if you think wedding planning is your fiancé’s domain, take note. There are plenty of wedding planning tasks perfect for the groom and his friends. A wedding is a huge undertaking, and grooms can make the process run more smoothly by taking on a variety of tasks.

If you are a groom, here are five ways you can ensure your wedding goes off without a hitch.

1. Finalize the groomsmen’s and your attire

Once you’ve selected attire that is consistent with your wedding theme, be sure it is comfortable as well. Take time to choose a tux or suit that fits well, and make sure every member of the groom’s party tries on his suit or tux.1 You and your groomsmen will be spending hours in wedding attire on your wedding day, and you want it to feel as good as it looks.

Schedule time with the tailor. The best men’s stores will have one onsite, and to be truly stylish, you and your groomsmen should be wearing tailored apparel.

“Even the best suit or tux can be ruined by a poor fit,” says Gary Dante of SuitMart. “Regardless of what you pay, any suit is only as good as the tailoring. Especially on your wedding day, you and your groomsmen deserve a perfectly tailored suit or tux – one fitted for specifically to you.”

2. Choose your shoes

Shoes are another attire item you can easily find for yourself. Keeping in mind that you’ll be on your feet a long while on your wedding day, it’s critical that those shoes are as comfortable as possible. Try them on, and give them a test drive around the store before making your final decision. Bring the socks you plan to wear for the wedding when trying on wedding shoes. Wear your wedding shoes around the house if possible to break them in and to avoid that uncomfortable new shoes feeling on the big day.

3. Purchase thank you gifts for your groomsmen

Letting your friends and family know how much you appreciate their participation in your big day is essential. Choosing gifts for your groomsmen is another great way to help with wedding planning. Cufflinks are a wonderful choice and can be customized for the special day. Gift ideas can be related to your wedding theme. For example, if you are having an outdoor wedding consider personalized sets of grill tools. Groomsmen live in the city or commute often? How about monogrammed steel travel mugs or tumblers? Good groomsmen gifts are thoughtful, meaningful to your wedding party and items they will actually use.

4. Review the logistics

It’s easy for important details to get lost in the hustle and bustle of planning. Guys are often good at considering critical logistical details such as having a contingency plan in case an outdoor wedding is rained out. If you’re planning an afternoon or evening wedding, know what time the sun will set. Such considerations will determine if you need to plan for popup tents and outdoor lighting. Also, check historical temperatures. Knowing what the weather is likely to be is essential when planning the perfect day.

5. Organize transportation

If you’ve offered transportation to out-of-town guests once they arrive, you need to plan for this. Depending on how many people need rides, assign family and friends to provide that transportation. Ensure the drivers have all of the specifics ahead of time, including who they’re picking up and where and how to get to the wedding venue.

“Wedding planning is a big job meant for two or more people,” says Dante. “Grooms, you can help ease the inevitable tension of the process by doing your part to help plan a wedding that everyone will enjoy.” 

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The perfect pair: 4 shoe styles for every groom

With all the attention given to the suit, it’s easy to forget what goes on below the cuffs, but wedding shoes for men are a key component of the bridal party look. Casual or formal, the style you select can help make your look more polished. Check out these six men’s wedding shoes with something for every groom.

1. The Oxford

Classic and iconic, every man should have a pair of Oxford’s in his closet. Known for their shoelace eyelet and closed lacing system, this style of shoe was originally made for formal attire but now can be worn with every style from a full-on tuxedo to slacks.

“The Oxford is an easy choice for any groom and always works no matter the suit,” says a spokesperson for SuitMart. “It’s timeless and not trendy, though very on-trend right now, and will always look stylish as a pair of shoes you can wear for many more occasions to come.”

2. The monk strap

Unique and attention-grabbing, the monk-strap is a polished pair that features straps and buckles across the top as closures instead of laces. Often worn without socks (or indistinguishably short socks), the refined and edgy look of a monk-strap shoe is a very sharp addition for the well-dressed man. This style can be worn with any suit from formal to casual, but always adds that extra panache and attention to detail.

3. The loafer

“The lace-less look of a loafer is one of relaxed style,” says a spokesperson for SuitMart. “It’s a popular choice in Houston during the warmer months because it’s simple and comfortable.”

Both classic and classy, the loafer is having a fashion resurgence with men wearing them in a variety of materials like velvet, faux leather and even rubber and a variety of colors from vibrant reds to cooling whites. With tassels or buckles, this simple base can be dressed up in a number of unique and eye-catching ways, making it a shoe that can look casually polished with any number of suit combinations. 

4. The Driver

Comfort is at the core of the driving shoe, which has been traditionally paired with fitted slacks and casual outdoor wear. Its body features a loafer-style but is more casual with a gripper-sole on the bottom for added comfort.

“For the very casual groom, it’s a perfect fit,” says a spokesperson for SuitMart. “It’s really made for outdoor events, and it’s light enough to enjoy dancing at a summer outdoor wedding.” 

Whether you’re looking for a fancy alligator Oxford or a comfortable, casual driving shoe, there’s something for every groom to bring his personality to his wedding day threads. 

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Suit up: 5 classic must have men’s suits

There are five iconic suits that every modern man needs to have in his wardrobe simply because they are iconic. Certain stylish men’s suits have created epic heroes and villains over the years and have influenced what embodies the well-dressed man. From runways to the real ways, these timeless ensembles help channel the greatness in you.

The double-breasted

After dipping in popularity for several years and becoming a clichéd men’s suit look of the 1980s stockbroker, the double-breasted suit is now back in a big way. No longer stuffy and overdone, this button-laden suit has been seen on the men’s runways of Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and more. Even John Legend wore a double-breasted Burberry tuxedo at the Grammy’s this year.

“We are going to continue to see more and more double-breasted suits coming back into popularity,” says Gary Dante for SuitMart. “They allow men to button just a bit of the jacket, keep it more loose and yet still look very fitted.”

The charcoal suit

Less formal than a navy or black suit, but not as casual as a linen getup, the charcoal suit lies somewhere in between. Not too dark, and not to light, the mid-tone lowlights of a charcoal suit look amazing with nearly everything in your closet, which gives it a longer wearing life than most of the traditional suit items. Men like David Beckham, Colin Firth and Tom Cruise never fail to impress in their grayscale threads.

The navy suit

Possibly the most fashionable Hollywood character to wear a suit is James Bond. From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, each Bond has brought a different style and a nod to that generation’s fashion. It’s no surprise that the navy suit not only made its iconic debut but stood the test of time on Mr. 007. Sean Connery sported a Midnight blue suit in the film “Dr. No” and was dressed by Anthony Sinclair for the role. The jacket featured two slit vents in the back so the action star could look fantastic and fight villains. More recently, Daniel Craig gave a nod to the 1960s Bonds wearing a navy charcoal suit in “Casino Royale” and donning a midnight blue Tuxedo in “Skyfall.”

“The navy suit has never really gone out of style, but it has gained even more attention in recent years,” says Gary Dante for SuitMart. “Men really like having a stylish alternative to a plain black suit or tuxedo.”

The linen suit

Wearing a linen suit has long been a sign of style during warm weather.

“For the man who wants to look polished and put together, but doesn’t want to be formal, stuffy or sweat too much, classic linen suits are always a great pick,” says Gary Dante for SuitMart.

Possibly no character better embodies the luxury and ease of linen than Fitzgerald’s famous Gatsby. In the 2013 film adaptation of the iconic book, “The Great Gatsby,” Leonardo DiCaprio seemed perfect in a cleanly tailored white linen suit. The film suit featured a hint of pink and wide labels in homage to the Jazz-age look in which the book is set.

The pinstripe

While the pinstripe suit is a staple of corporate business attire today, this foundational suit is thought to have originated in the 1920s as a flashy fashion choice for hip men of the time. Soon, well-dressed mob bosses like Bugsy Siegel took notice, and the pinstripe suit became a symbol of money, luxury and more than a bit of danger. When Hollywood pinstripe fans like Clark Gable and Cary Grant began wearing them, pinstriped suits suit went more mainstream and rose to the top of men’s fashion. In 1983, Al Pacino sported a modern-mobster version of the pinstripe in “Scarface,” only increasing its updated popularity.

“The pinstripe suit will never go out of style,” says Gary Dante for SuitMart. “It simply takes on different shapes, which make it look more formal or more casual depending on the decade.”

Iconic, stylish and always on trend, these five suits are made to measure no matter the season or occasion.

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